Stephan Romer

Stephan Romer


​Stephan Romer brings the Worlds Landscape to us as we've rarely seen before.

One of the world's most sought after commercial photographers, with clients such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin, Stephan combines extraordinary technical skills with an eye for what lies beyond.

Born and educated in Germany, Stephan's early years were in industrial design followed by an internship in photography with Germany's most renowned commercial ​photographers: Brigitte Richter and Thomas Caspari. In the 1990s Stephan found his niche in transport and landscape photography, working with the most exciting brands of automobile.

He also discovered New Zealand, favouring its topography for his photographic backgrounds but also deciding to make it his home. With over ten years now based in Queenstown, Stephan has an original and gentle approach to capturing the poetry of this landscape, bringing a powerful intimacy to the beauty of our wilderness.

– Jack Williams, Writer and Journalist